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A new bathroom and laundry closet in a townhouse

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Alix Schwartz writes,

"I wanted a big bathtub and a separate shower, so I didn't haVe to climb in and out of the tub every morning. Of course, the existing bathroom didn't afford enough space for both. So my architect and I hatched a plan to reduce the size of the laundry closet and capture that space for the bathroom. The new stackable washer and dryer replaced the old side-by-side set to make this workable. The orientation of the bathtub resulted from a consultation with a structural engineer who determined where the weight of the bathtub filled with water would be best supported.

"Also, the shower took the place of the existing linen closet, so we added a linen closet on the opposite wall. The back of the linen closet protrudes into the back of my bedroom walk-in closet by about a foot.

"My architect/contractor for the bathroom was amazing, but I don't think he is building any small jobs any more, though he did design a bathroom for a neighbor in UT recently [2015]. His name is Tim Mueller, tmueller@greenhammerdesign.com."


A remodeled bathroom in a townhouse


A remodeled bathroom in a townhouse - shower
The new shower

A remodeled bathroom in a townhouse - the tub
The new tub

A remodeled bathroom in a townhouse - the vanity
The new vanity

A remodeled laundry closet in a townhouse
The new smaller, stacked laundry closet

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