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A new upstairs bathroom in a townhouse

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This project was a total remodel. Bev writes, "The windows open up to the stairwell leading to the kitchen and let in light from the skylight.  They are too high for anyone to see through as they go down the stairs.  Just in case, though, the one over the toilet is opaque but lets in the same amount of light as a clear one.  I now have two orchids thriving on the window sills!  Before the remodel, the bathroom was completely dark and the lights had to be turned on all the time." And that towelrack mounted on the wall opposite the shower? "Yes, heated towel rack.  Way too expensive and takes a long time and too much electricity to heat the towels.  But looks nice."  


A barn-door mounted on the outside replaces the old swing-out door. The insert is resin.

The barn-door is open. Storage is on the left inside.

Here's the barn-door from the inside.

On the left as you enter, a full mirror and scoop-bowl sink

Opposite the door and past the sink on the left,
a heated towel rack mounted on the wall and the toilet alcove.
The toilet is wall-mounted with the tank in the wall behind.

Storage on the right, just opposite the sink, then the walk-in shower
with a built-in shelf for shower supplies. Notice the window!

Two windows bring much-needed light into an area that previously had no natural light.
The bathroom alcove window on the left is opaque, while the one shower window on the right is clear.
The windows both look out on the interior of the unit. Note the rainshower head in the upper-right corner.

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