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A new kitchen in a garden (downstairs) unit

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Bea Motta and Jules Freedman write,

"We liked our contractor, Joe Borba, joeborba@sbcglobal.net, who is extremely professional and organized. Overall, we're happy with out cabinets, countertops, and appliances.

"Some lessons learned - we should have more carefully considered final countertop heights - an inch lower on one of our countertops would have been better for Bea."


The kitchen - before remodeling
Looking from the dining area


The kitchen - after remodeling
The counter has been removed and the dining table turned around

The kitchen - after remodeling
A similar view, but showing more of the counter and cabinets on the left

The backsplash
Open upper cabinets, a new quartz countertop, a new range, and a decorative backsplash

The corner cabinet
A solution for those tricky corner cabinets

A drawer under the sink
A clever storage solution for under and around the sink

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