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Information (mostly) for new homeowners

The stopwaste.org website has all the information anyone could ever want about composting in their own yards. Call the Rotline @ 444-SOIL (7645). Alternatively, the large wheeled City of Berkeley green bins located around UT are used for City composting, disposal of plant debris and paper wrappers or containers for food. The City of Berkeley Plant Debris & Food Waste Collection & Home Composting website has guidelines for use of the green bins.


  • Buildings 1 through 8 (townhomes and garden apartments) residents

    To begin your garbage (aka "refuse") pickup service, go to the City's
    Zero Waste Programs and Services page or call 981-6350.

    If your unit does not already have one, you will be provided with a bin on wheels, which should be kept inside the storage closet provided for almost every unit. Pickup occurs usually around 8am one day each week. You need to wheel your bin to the curb at either Addison Street, Allston Way, California Street, or Jefferson Avenue. The pick-up day and location are determined by your mailing/billing address. Any garbage that will not fit into your bin (for example, bags placed beside or on top of a full bin) WILL NOT be picked up by the City of Berkeley.

    Got too much? If you have more trash than your can will hold, you may purchase special bags at the Transfer Station. These bags cost $5.73 each and will be collected with the next scheduled collection. May 2015

  • Building 9 (old schoolhouse) residents

    Building 9 residents do not have individual garbage bins. Please carry your garbage in sealed bags to the dumpster located inside the trash and recycling enclosure located at the north-west corner of Building 9. The dumpster and recycling bins in the north-west enclosure are designated for use by residents of Building 9 only. Building 1 through 8 residents may NOT use this dumpster since the fees for dumpster pickup are paid by special monthly assessments charged only to the residents of Building 9 who have no other means to dispose of their garbage.

  • Garbage bins near the mailboxes

    The garbage bins located near all UT mailboxes are NOT to be used for household garbage or meal-related refuse. They are intended exclusively for the disposal of junk mail and similar unwanted items delivered to UT mailboxes. The Association pays a custodial service to empty these bins weekly. If properly used, these containers will not become filled to overflowing and the contents can be recycled for you by the custodial service.

Illegal dumping on the street
We frequently see household items put on the street with the assumption that someone will come by and take it away.  Unfortunately, that doesn't always happen and these illegal dumps end up being an eyesore, potential health hazard, and a nuisance.  If you see any illegal dumping, phone 311 to make a report with the City or go to Berkeley's Clean City Program page for more information. If this number is not helpful, try 981-2489.

If you find a key inside your individual mailbox, it means a parcel or an over-sized envelope has been mailed to you. The “parcel” boxes are the two larger ones, and have a “one-way” key: once you unlock the box, the key remains inside the lock until the postal carrier removes it.

Your out-going mail should be dropped into any U.S. Postal Service box.

Plant debris and food scraps
The City's green plant debris bins, which are scattered around the complex, can be used for all kinds of organic matter -- plant debris from garden and plant clean-ups, food scraps, and if the containers for the food are paper, e.g., pizza cartons, these as well. For more specific information, go to the City's Plant Debris & Food Waste Collection & Home Composting website page.

To request a bin, call 981-2489. This number is answered by a real person.

Cleaning the green bins is the responsibility of the homeowner.

We are not supposed to leave the bins in the strip near the curb. They must be returned after pick-up to the property of the homeowner. Leaving them at the curb can result in fines.


Everything you wanted to know about recycling in Berkeley can be found on the City's Zero Waste Programs and Services page or by calling 981-6350. Or try the Berkeley Ecology Center's guide on Berkeley Curbside Recycling.

Another excellent location for recycing is El Cerrito Recycling. They take batteries, lightbulbs, unused medications, almost anything you can think of. They also have a book exchange where you can take books and then pick up more! As one reviewer writes, "Hoarders, beware!"

  • Electronics' recycling

    • Computer Recycling Center -- "Computer Recycling Center program takes all computers, technology, network, telephone, test equipment and cell phones, working and nonworking, and overstocks of electronic parts. You can drop off your equipment at one of our events or locations, and Businesses with a truckload of items can request a business pickup." Call 88-88-usedPC ((888) 887-3372). May 2015

    • eWaste Collective (formerly the Alameda County Computer Resource Center - ACCRC) -- "We will recycle anything you can plug into a power outlet that doesn't have food put inside of it on a regular basis. This means we'll recycle your computer, your VCR, your Television, but not your microwave, your washing machine, or your refrigerator. When you give us your computer, you will receive a tax write-off, and we will attempt to fix your equipment and then give it away to someone who would otherwise never be able to afford a computer. If your equipment is completely dead, it will be recycled in an environmentally friendly manner." 620 Page Street, just west of 2nd Street, Berkeley, 528-4052
      Open 9am - 5pm weekdays, 10am - 5pm Saturdays. Closed all major holidays
      . May 2015

    • eWastedirect.com -- One homeowner writes, "If we have five items of electronic recyclables minimum, they will schedule a free pick-up. If we have five households with electronic recyclables minimum, they will schedule a free drop-off of a collection bin, and then they will pick it up." Call (877) 437-9558 or visit their website. May 2015

    • Green Citizen -- This is the electronics recycling service located closest to UT at 1971 Shattuck Avenue. They accept anything that plugs in or runs on batteries. They also recycle stryrofoam and shred documents. Call 981-1900, x104 or visit their website for hours.

  • Hazardous waste

Got hazardous waste? Alameda County's Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Center, 2100 East 7th Street, Oakland, (800) 606-6606, is open every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday between 9am and 2:30pm and on Saturdays between 9am and 4pm. No appointment is necessary. There are restrictions, dos and don'ts of what can and cannot be dropped off, so it's best to check their website's guidelines.

  • Paper, cans, bottles, packing material, bubblewrap, styrofoam, cardboard

    • All UT residents may recycle newspapers, mixed paper, cans, tins, and plastic in the large blue containers located in the locked, enclosed area on the southwest corner of Building 9. Please do not overfill recycling containers. The City of Berkeley will only empty recycling bins if the lids can be fully closed. They also will not pick up items left on the ground inside the enclosure area.

      UT recycling bins cannot accommodate your moving boxes or other cartons. You may either take them to a Recycling Center or flatten them into 3’ x 3’ piles (City regulations) next to your regular garbage for pickup.
      PLEASE do not dump your boxes or other household wares in the UT recycling areas. The Association must hire someone to haul these items to the dump resulting in higher operating costs and higher monthly Association dues.

    • Handle with Care Packaging Store, 1625 University Avenue, 540-6311 -- they take styrofoam packing peanuts, bubblewrap, and unbroken-down boxes. (Tip: An alternative to our recycling area.)

Willis Management Group
Willis Management Group, Inc. is our UT property management company. For their contact information, go to our UT Property Management page.

Home maintenance

Appliance repair
Tony Hariri is a general handyman specializing in appliances. According to his website, "Tony Hariri has been in the home appliance repair business for over 30 years servicing clients in the Easy Bay."

A homeowner reports on his experience: "I showed him my other appliances and he said he could fix all of them if they ever broke down. I liked his approach: he opened the dryer and went directly to the source of the problem. In fact, the part which he had originally thought might be broken was in good shape; the problem was elsewhere, with two little parts which he replaced right away. Not a minute wasted. Since the part he had ordered was not needed, he did not charge me for it (it can be returned), and lowered the final bill accordingly. He's also very neat -- cleaned debris along as he worked.  I'll definitely call him next time some appliance breaks down." August 2017

Bathtub valves
The originals are by Delta. March 2011

Carpets - cleaning
Recommendations from owners:

  • Bob of Golden Bear Carpet, 834-9520. (2004)
  • Excellent Window and Carpet Cleaning, 540-0344. (2009)
  • Ron's Carpet Detail, Ron Bouchard, 510-235-SPOT, ext 7768 (2019). NOTE: He does carpet cleaning, repairs, patching, stretching. He took out a huge stain (whole bottle of salad dressing spilled) out of a beige carpet, after another carpet cleaner had unsuccessfully attempted to remove it. Very knowledgeable and reasonable price (if you conside $150 reasonable, which I do give the magnitude and seriousness of the stain).
  • A Healthier Clean Carpet Cleaning (Steve Miller from San Francisco), (415) 424-5263. (NOTE: The following testimonials were made during the lifetime of the previous owner.)
    • A post on Yelp by a UT homeowner about Steve's cleaning of the Commons Room: "Another homeowner recommended Steve very highly when our condominium association's commons room needed help. The carpet, installed only two or three years ago, was filthy (children's birthday parties, careless buffet dinners, you name it). The usual cleaning company for the complex did a lousy job just over a year ago for an exorbitant price - you couldn't tell the carpet had been cleaned. I tried Steve's services on a carpet of my own before recommending that we use him for the Big Job, and he did a perfect job. Plus he was intelligent and realistic as he gave me an estimate for the commons room. Half the price the other company had charged! And the carpet, despite interim efforts at cleaning with inappropriate supermarket products, came back to its original condition. He's given us advice on how to maintain it, and we'll be using him again on a regular basis. Many thanks, Steve!" (2010)
    • Another homeowner wrote: "They got a bunch of 'stains' out of my carpets that Coit had just been mowing over for the past several cleanings! I am amazed." (2011)
    • See other Yelp comments about Fresh and Clean Carpet Cleaning.
  • Zerorez (866) 937-6739
    • According to Alix: I highly recommend Zerorez. I love how eco-friendly their service is--it's the best proof that one doesn't need chemicals to remove stains! My carpets had not been cleaned in a long time (because we sadly lost Steven of a Healthier Clean last year), and the dribbles and spots had really started to accumulate. I was a little nervous about them, in fact. But Ricardo from Zerorez is a genius--he completely removed every stain. And it was quick, too--and the price was right. I got my dining room, living room, and downstairs hallways cleaned and scotch-guarded for a little over $200.

Enzyme carpet cleaners for those spots that drive you crazy: Oxyclean -- yes, the same as the one for the laundry.

Carpets - replacing
Neighbors have had good experiences (service, price, quality) with:

  • Floor Dimensions
  • Floor Store (with Tito Chavez as installer) February 2011

Problem: My dishwasher is not draining, even when I clean out the overflow gadget on the sink.

  • Recommendation #1

    "I had this problem with my dishwasher and I discovered that the solution was rather simple.  At the bottom of your machine is a filter basket with a Philips screw on the top.  If you take out this screw and one other, you can take off the basket.  Amid the accumulated grunge of ten years, you will probably find several foreign objects that are distressing your dishwasher.  Remove them carefully (there may be broken glass) and do any obvious cleaning.  After you replace the basket the dishwasher outlet should flush itself clean in a couple of cycles."

  • Recommendation #2

    "On the top of your sink there should be a little part that balances the pressure in your dishwasher. Take a tooth pick and clean the entrance."

Need adjusting? Maynard Door Services, located in San Leandro, 357-2695, shortens doors if one has installed carpets or thresholds for hardwood floors. Comment from an owner: "They came and sawed off three doors of mine in 1/2 hour and charged $75. Not bad."

Earthquake insurance
The UT report and recommendations from May 2004 regarding earthquake insurance contain some useful links, including one for homeowners wondering whether they should insure their home's contents against earthquakes.

When people have asked for recommendations, the company below is often mentioned:

Roberts Electric Company, 480 23rd Street, Oakland, 834-6161

Walter Liebe, 1046 56th Street, Oakland, 508-4095. "We just used Walter Liebe and were very happy!" May 2016

Furnace repair and vents
A neighbor reports on a conversation with a furnace repairman:

"He told me that furnace vent cleaning (unlike dryer vent cleaning) is a vastly over-sold service for individual furnaces of the vintage of our buildings (that is, all those apart from Building 9). Furnaces from the time our buildings were constructed are fitted with various safety devices, one feature of which is to cut down air circulation if the filters are getting too dirty and clogged. This situation will affect the working of thermostats in various areas of the units.

"He suggests that before investing in possibly unnecessary vent cleaning, homeowners try changing filters. In many cases this could restore the correct functioning of the furnace. He also suggested that replacement filters not be the cheapest available; those costing $15 to $20 will do a much better job, and also cut down on allergens in the household. Filters should be checked every year or so, and replaced if they look black and cruddy." January 2009

Other furnace experts recommend the Ace Hardware filters (a bargain at $.99) and to change them every three-four months. November 2009

Two recommendations from UT homeowners for "furnace guys" --

  • Ceridono Heating, 528-1622 February 2011
  • L.J. Kruse, 920 Pardee Street, Berkeley 94710, 644-0260 November 2009


  • Danny Beltran, 414-1032 (cell) or 633-1488 (office), http://www.diamondhandyman.com/about-us/. "Danny He built the railing for our loft, installed child safety gates, did minor plumbing and electrical work, fixed faulty closet doors, and other around-the-house sorts of projects. He is extremely pleasant and very reliable!" June 2015 
  • Neal Cassidy "Homo habilis" -- "He's very efficient. Carpentry and household repairs." 527-5913 May 2015
  • Ramon De La Fuente, 200-1926, ramondelafuente@gmail.com.  "Ramon housesits and also can do maintenance and small repairs.  Reliable!"  June 2015
  • Roger Hammar, "Carpentry & Such," 282-8790 has also been quite helpful.
  • Francisco Perez, 290-9251. "He’s done a little bit of everything around my place (power washing windows, fixing window rollers, water line to fridge, new kitchen faucet, reseating and caulking toilets, installing exhaust fans, etc.). Highly recommend!" And from another homeowner: "Francisco is fantastic. He has done a bunch of odd jobs for us too, always great, and very responsive." June 2015
  • Amy Segal. 971-271-7105. Fix/Rebuild/Design/Solve. Email amyjsegal@yahoo.com. Recommended by Beatriz Motta.

Hauling stuff
Fasthaul, run by David Singer, 653-0445 and 703-1758

"...example of ethical quality."

Kitchen cabinets
The hard-to-reach corner areas in many of our kitchens can be adapted. One homeowner's suggestion is Lee Valley & Veritas' blind corner units. November 2008

Lightbulbs for our kitchens
One neighbor's tip for purchasing replacements for our kitchen fluorescent lightbulbs:

"White Electric Company (The Light Bulb Place) 'electrical contractors in Berkeley since 1912', tel: 845-8535, PO Box 11276, Berkeley, CA 94712, sells the U-shaped light bulbs for kitchen lights of the type installed at University Terrace: Sylvania cool white FB40CW-6. Cost is $11.83 each and they ship for free, but you have to buy at least $30 worth of product. They are a mail order firm: they take phone orders only (between 8:30am and 4:30pm M-F) and they do not have a customer counter for pickups." March 2007

Many neighbors recommend Rex Key and Security, 1908 University Avenue, 845-7784.

Microwave repair
KAPS Microwave Service, 4641 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, 655-6287.

Mini-blind cleaning
Excellent Window and Carpet Cleaning, Inc. They will clean your windows at the same time as they do the blinds. 540-6377.


  • The original paint that most of us had was Fuller O'Brien's Whisper White 1@18-1, now sold at Pursel Paint, 875 Potter Street (one block north of Ashby, just west of 7th Street). Mention University Terrace and ask for the "old formula" for Whisper White. The original kitchen and bathrooms are semi-gloss; the rest of the unit, flat.

  • Exterior Paint Colors, purchased from Behr
    • Scheme 1: (buildings 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 9)
      • Body/staircase wall – Kaffir Lime PPU8-8
      • Extended window element/pop out/lower unit – Warm Muffin 330D-4
      • Window trim/Fascia – Innocence W-D-720
      • Railing – Bison Brown 780B-7
      • Front Door – Sly Fox S-H-160
      • Porch & stairs – Adobe by Rust-oleumM (Apparently this is no longer available. One homeowner used Benjamin Moore, color 1126 – baked pretzel.)

    • Scheme 2: (buildings 2, 4, 6)
      • Body/staircase wall – Tea Bag PPU8-9
      • Extended window element/pop out/lower unit – Carriage Door 770D-5
      • Window trim/Fascia – Innocence W-D-720
      • Railing – Bison Brown 780B-7
      • Front Door – Sly Fox S-H-160
      • Porch & stairs – Adobe by Rust-oleum (Apparently this is no longer available. One homeowner used Benjamin Moore, color 1126 – baked pretzel.)

  • Building 9 Interior Colors (hallway walls and doors) – I'm afraid we did not capture the information about the colors used to paint the walls of building 9's hallways or the door colors. This was done at least 15 years ago.

Bristol Weeden, (415) 576-1225.

"He's a 1-man operation, and he's very careful and meticulous, extremely neat, quiet, trustworthy (we left him on his own when we were out of town), accommodating, and reliable. We literally had no problems with him, and enjoyed having him around. His prices were on the lower side of the range of estimates we received, and we will definitely use him again and recommend him wholeheartedly to friends."

Plumbing help
First, if the problem is outside your unit, then our property management company must be involved. Please contact Willis Management Group, Inc. (our property management company) directly. If you can't reach Willis, the Board recommends you call All Service Plumbing, whose quality of work Willis vouches for, and whose prices are very competitive (see below).

Second, if this concerns your unit alone, then you may find the following recommendations helpful:

  • All Service Plumbing (ask for Shelly) -- 655-5015.

  • Albert Nahman Plumbing and Heating -- 843-6904. One homeowner said, "They are very professional and I believe their pricing is fair." 2009 But another homeowner said, "I would not recommend Albert Nahman Plumbing, since they are way overpriced. (They wanted $365 to fix a leaky faucet.)" July 2015

  • The Lunt Marymor Company -- 985-2889. Their quoted rates are: $75 for the first 1/2 hour; $86.25 for the first 3/4 hour; and $97.50 for the first hour. 2002

  • Pacific Drain and Rooting, Inc. -- 452-4606 or 223-3883. 24-hour services. Ask for Nasir N. Jalil. "Five stars on Yelp!" July 2015

  • Pat O'Neill -- 526-7721 (office), 333-2157 (cell). One homeowner said, "She replaced the inner workings of our toilet, fixed the shutoff valve, and lowered the fill level to save water.. It was flowing nonstop. We had to put a rock on top of the valve to keep it from opening." And added, "Pat O'Neil is local, reliable, and efficient with reasonable, fair prices. She even sent me a thank-you-note." patmoneill@gmail.com July 2015

  • Mr. Rooter Plumbing -- 843-6378. Used to be around the corner on University. Apparently has consolidated offices with Oakland. Has been recommended by many UT homeowners in the past. Other homeowners have found they recommend excessive, unnecessary work and are very expensive. May 2011

  • Peter Renoir -- 842-6423. "Reasonable." info@renoirplumbing.com. July 2015

  • Tony the Plumber -- 860-2147. "Honest, conscientious, local, independent, and reasonably priced. Highly recommended." Plumberooter510@yahoo.com. May 2015, used him 2018 too and ditto to recommendation

Smoke detectors
Firex (formerly Maple Chase Company)
Technical Services
(800) 445-8299

A note from the manufacturer, Firex (formerly Maple Chase Company):

"Smoke alarms are sensitive devices that are made to respond to small particles of combustion (smoke). However, since smoke alarms do respond to particles in the air, they are susceptible to going into alarm mode when encountering particles in the air other than smoke. Typically, a build up of dust or debris in a smoke alarm will eventually cause a false alarm if not cleaned regularly. Additionally, if small insects enter the internal detection chamber, the smoke alarm will sound its alarm horn. This is mostly prevalent in the late night hours when it is dark.

"The size of the openings to the internal detection chamber is regulated by UL (Underwriters Laboratories), and is standard throughout the industry. Therefore, they cannot be made any smaller than they already are. Additionally, the constant green light (indication of AC power on AC/DC models also AC models in Canada) that is emitted through the clear test button is also a requirement of UL and cannot be changed. This light is what seems to attract small insects in the dark hours of the night.

"To keep dust and debris out of your smoke alarm it is necessary to clean it out at least a couple times a year with a powerful vacuum cleaner. The only way to properly prevent insects from affecting smoke alarms is to keep them away from the smoke alarm, and to keep smoke alarms out of areas such as garages. Changing out smoke alarms with new units will not solve this problem."

Got problems? Here's what one homeowner recommends:

"There are two small batteries inside which need to be replaced perhaps once every year or once every two years. They are available at Radio Shack, where they can also check if your current batteries are bad or not. There is an electronic fuse which is placed where the furnace is. These are available at Home Depot."

Tools to borrow, especially garden tools, from our UT toolshed
Contact these helpful owners:

  • Phyllis Brooks Shafer
  • John Smail

Washing machine repair
Kim's Appliances, 436-5382. A homeowners recommends, "I got our washing machine fixed this morning by Kim's Appliances. The guy took a few minutes to diagnose the problem and about 10 more to fix it. The repair is guaranteed for 90 days." December 2014

Water heaters

  • Installers
Water Heaters Only, 220 4th Street, Oakland, 839-0414 or (800) 835-5946. "We had a great experience with Dan from Water Heaters Only, Inc. Our heater sprang a leak on the Saturday of Memorial Day weekend; Dan was able to come the next day, and in the meantime, he provided excellent instructions over the phone as to how to drain the tank so that we wouldn't suffer damage. He arrived promptly on Sunday and replaced the water heater that afternoon,causing amazingly little disruption for our household. Not only were his prices reasonable, but we did not have to pay a supplemental fee for a Sunday/holiday weekend installation. Highly recommended!" May 2016
  • Repairs

    Follow these tips to ensure that your water heater is in good working condition:

    • If you notice rust, that is a good indication that it's time to replace the water heater. Water heaters rust from the inside out, so when you find rust on the exterior of your water heater, it is in bad shape.
    • If you hear a crackling noise from heater when ignited (due to a build-up of lime and calcium at the bottom), it is a good sign that your water heater requires replacement.
    • Age has a lot to do with it as well. According to Shelly at All Service (our plumbing company) the average life expectancy is approximately 10 years.
    • For upstairs units, a pan should always been installed at the bottom of the water heater and there should be a drain running to the outside of the building; this is especially important when the water heater is located indoors because if and when there is a leak the water goes to the neighbors downstairs. June 10, 2007

  • Replacement March 23, 2012

The Architectural Review Board (ARB) has decided to award resale credit for replacement water heaters, on the principle that any new water heater bought and installed in the 2010's is by definition an improvement upon what was originally installed in our units in the early 1990s. Resale credit will be awarded if the following conditions are met: 1) the owner submits an ARB form and receipt(s) to the ARB; and 2) the cost of the water heater, including installation, is at least $1,000, or if the project is bundled with other improvements to reach this threshold.

The resale value of new water heaters will depreciate on the following schedule: 20 years for tankless, and 11-13 years for the traditional tank-style water heater. A longer depreciation schedule may be awarded if the homeowner presents a warranty for a longer period.

This decision has been made, in part, with the goal of protecting all of our investments in UT: our original water heaters have reached the end of their normal life expectancy, and the ARB encourages every homeowner who has not yet done so to replace these old water heaters as soon as possible.

This new policy is retroactive: feel free to submit forms and receipts for water heaters already replaced.

PGand E may offer rebates.


  • Cleaning -- A1 The Clear Choice gets rave reviews from everyone for cleaning windows and blinds! July 2016
  • Foggy windows -- A neighbor reports: "Call J & D Glass & Sash (843-9391) and they come out and measure the fogged windows. I had the mobile part of a sliding glass door replaced, as well as the stationary part of the master bedroom window. The labor charge was $150." September 6, 2004

Wildlife and pests

Many homeowners have made suggestions for getting rid of ants. Another resource is Ask the Bugman.

Two resources:

UT has been fortunate to host a family of barn owls. Want to learn more about their history at UT and some photos? And what's that house doing fixed to a tree on the Green? Click on barn owls.

One owner writes: "Yes, there are possums.  Shouldn't be anything to worry about (unless you are a small cat or/and want a fight!).  Good idea though not to leave cat or dog or other food outside and encourage possum feeding, etc.

"One thing to be careful of -- possums are very, very good at playing dead -- if you think you see a dead one be very, very careful; it may very well be alive.  In the last place I lived my dog at the time used to go after an old possum.  After one or two attempts to remove what I thought was a dead animal (luckily with heavy gloves on), I realized it was not really dead and learned to just leave it alone and it would walk away in an hour or so."
Another chimes in: "Not nice guys. But until you start raising chickens, don't worry."

And a third: "Possums are nothing to worry about. They are shy and self-contained, nocturnal, and will eat snails and slugs. Think of it, like the barn owls, as local fauna."

City and municipal services

Emergency phone numbers

  • 911 on a cell phone reaches a regional dispatcher.
  • (510) 981-5911 on a cell phone reaches a Berkeley police dispatcher directly. This is for life-threatening emergencies.
  • (510) 981-5900 reaches a Berkeley police dispatcher. This is for non-threatening emergencies, e.g., someone is in a recycling enclosure who shouldn't be or a theft or break-in is in progress.

Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG)
This site has lots of useful regional information, including links to liquifaction information (how stable would the soil under UT be in an earthquake on the Hayward fault?).

Berkeley - the City
There are a number of useful sites:

  • Neighborhood Watch -- a program of the Berkeley Police that partners with Berkeley Safe Neighborhoods Committee. Phyllis Brooks Shafer is our Group Leader.
  • Online Service Center -- for a variety of City services, ranging from reporting potholes to contesting a parking ticket. Take a look!
  • Parks -- hiking trails, vistas, soccer and baseball fields, tennis courts, a merry-go-round, picnics, swimming, golf, archery, a little train -- in other words, something for everyone.
  • Police -- We are beat #4.
    • Reporting incidents
      • For emergencies (there is a threat to life or property), call: 911 (landlines) or 981-5911 (cell phones). You will be connected with a dispatcher.
      • For non-emergencies, call: 981-5900 (for both landlines and cell phones). You will be connected with an officer.
      • To hear recent crime events and crime prevention information: 644-4888.
      • To make an anonymous tip line for information about drug dealing and prostitution problems. You can, if you wish, leave your name, but you are not required to do so. You can also request that the operator ask the responding officer to call you back. It is easy to remember in a pinch. Just call THE-COPS (843-2677).
    • Vacation watch
      The Berkeley Police will watch your home while you are on vacation. Fill out this form.
  • Public Works, with information on recycling, transportation, bicycling, and disability resources.
  • Schools
  • Not sure which department can help you? Call 311 (from Berkeley) when you have a specific question about any City of Berkeley service. Call during business hours (Monday-Friday8am to 5pm) and the operator will put you through to the correct department.

EBMUD - East Bay Municipal Utilities District, 287-1380

These are the water and sewer folks. They have a rebate program for water-saving clothes washers, toilets, and landscaping.
You can also request a copy of your water bill -- and consumption -- for any specified period.

Library - The Berkeley Public Library

  • The main library, 2090 Kittredge Street, 981-610
    You can do lots on-line: search for books, renew books, find out what's going on in our new library.

  • Tool Lending Library, South Branch, 1901 Russell Street, 981-6260
    • Tuesdays and Saturdays: 10am - 5:30pm
    • Wednesdays and Thursdays: noon-7:30pm
    • Fridays: 1pm - 5:30pm
    • Sundays, Mondays, and holidays: closed

PG&E offers rebates for energy-saving appliances. (800) 743-5000.

St. Joseph the Worker Church, 843-2244

Things to do in Berkeley

Berkeley Architectural Heritage Association (BAHA)
BAHA's purpose is to educate the communityand to encourage and secure the preservation of Berkeley’s rich architectural heritage.

2318 Durant Avenue, 841-2242

Berkeley Convention and Visitors Bureau
Places to stay, eat, and play...all in Berkeley!

2015 Center Street, (800) 847-4823 or 549-7040

Berkeley Historical Society and Berkeley History Center
The Berkeley Historical Society and Berkeley History Center are located in the Veterans Memorial Building, 1931 Center Street, Berkeley, berkhist@sbcglobal.net, 848-0181. They offer walking tours, exhibits, and events.


Farmers' Markets
All year-round! When, where -- the Ecology Center keeps this current.

Parks (other than Berkeley City parks)

  • East Bay Regional Parks - this is the main park system in the East Bay.

  • Tilden Park - the "crown jewel" of the East Bay Regional Parks, Tilden is Berkeley's own part of the East Bay Regional Parks.
Other resources

Berkeley Parents Network
This website contains thousands of pages of recommendations and advice contributed by members of the Berkeley Parents Network, a parent-to-parent email network for the community.


  • Clothing

    Contra Costa Public Health's Homeless Program, 2047 Arnold Industrial Way, Suite C, Concord 94520, (925) 646-5082, is the only East Bay shelter accepting donations of clothing. April 6, 2007

  • Home healthcare equipment and supplies, including walkers, canes, crutches, shower stools, diapers, wedge pillows, bandages, liquid nutrition -- ReCARES is located in the parking lot behind the First Presbyterian Church at 2619 Broadway (enter on 27th Street, approaching Broadway from Telegraph), Thursdays, 1 - 4pm, 251-2273. April 2015
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