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The Garden Guild works in different areas throughout UT. Here are summaries of the projects -- the work done and photos. Click on the project titles to larger versions of the photos.

  • The Rose Garden at the California Street gate
    "The work in the Rose Garden went very well. We planted 16 French Lavender and removed countless weeds. There were 15 big bags (750 pounds) of soil amendment. Almost 25 pounds of organic fertilizer and one highly cherished home-grown bin of worm compost were lovingly spread throughout the Rose Garden. Thanks to all who helped. We logged over 60 hours of labor."

    Just after Two months later
    California Street Rose Garden - just after Rose garden - after
  • The Tot Lot
    "We had an incredible turnout at the work day. In total, there were over 20 people who pitched in to weed, spread mulch, sweep, and plant. We even had a family that lives outside UT come to help. They play at the Tot Lot and were excited to get the chance to take care of it!! Thank you to everyone who helped. Many hands made quick work."
    During Sweeping Weeding Weeding Weed prevention - mulching
    After Benches Clean walkways Clean sand Mulch
  • Near the Commons Room
    "Please stroll by the Commons Room and enjoy the transformation of the hillside.  Bougainvillea, Cape Plumbago, Vinca Major, Lavatera and Blue Star Creepers will light up that corner for years to come. Thanks to many strong hands and strong wills, these areas are more beautiful than in recent memory."
    During Digging Watering Planting Resting after hard work
    New plants
  • The strip between Building One and St. Joseph's
    "Thanks to all who participated in the work today on the garden at the end of Jefferson Avenue! The mulching and the plantings of day lilies and agapanthus have made a great improvement.  We also located seven sprinkler heads in that area and verified that they are functional and part of the UT irrigation system.  Special thanks to those who provided the day lilies and agapanthus plants; who figured out how to turn on the sprinklers; and who donated a bag of mulch. We made quite a dent in the mountain of mulch next to the tool shed (though it's still a mountain). The garden at the end of Jefferson now looks cared for, and helps to create a favorable impression on the northwest corner of UT."

    First round
    Just after

    A spring renewal
    A work in progress
    Unloading compost Weeding
    The Supervisor Girls resting
    Composting Digging
  • Mulching around UT
    "Thank you for everyone who came to help us this Saturday. Nearly 20 people showed up...We used 4 cubic yards of cedar mulch and weeded like crazy, thanks to Larry’s weed “eater” and the kids who worked on the strip on the northwest side. A special thank to those who provided the wonderful food. Those raspberries muffins were sooooo good while the watermelon was such a clever idea…indeed!"
      Agapanthus A corner spot
      Mulched strip Kids helping
    Before #1
    Before #2
    During Watering More watering Mulching Mulching
  • Presentation Mini-Park -- Located on the northeast corner of Allston Way and California Street, is owned and maintained by the City of Berkeley. There are two benches and a picnic table as well as a now flourishing garden. A group of neighbors -- from UT and the neighborhoods around UT -- have a tradition of Work Days in the Park. They've cleared out weeds and brambles, hauled in soil and compost, worked with the City on installing an effective irrigation system, built rock enclosures for their seedbeds, and planted a beautiful Butterfly Garden for all to enjoy.

    • The first major clean-up!
Hefting a watering can Clearing out
Ring of rocks Heap of dirt Raking dirt Weeding and raking
Gardening is serious (but fun) work! Gardening enthusiast Clipping Who's in charge?
Snacks are welcome! A new brick walkway Artichoke Fruit of manys' labors
    • Two very much needed refreshes!
      "We had a busy, fun, and productive morning on Sunday, cleaning up the north and east sides of Presentation Mini-Park. We uncovered a lovely brick road and lots of surviving plants that just need some TLC. Matt from the City of Berkeley came on Monday morning and picked up the pile of weeds and branches that we collected. Thanks to all the gardeners who came, especially the children, who were wonderful and enjoyable workers!"
    Digging roses Wheelbarrow
    Raking Composting Debris

    "People from UT and the City of Berkeley welcomed about 25 student volunteers to help clean up Presentation Park and the parking strips around UT. The student volunteers were part of the 'Berkeley Project,' an annual event during which thousands of students from the Cal campus united and worked to positively impact the community through a network of service projects in and around the City of Berkeley. Fully student operated and supported, the Berkeley Project not only provides powerful assistance to the public, but aims to create a lasting culture of service-learning among its participants. We became one of the 43 worksites located throughout Berkeley. The day was a resounding success, bringing students and UT volunteers together to work for the Community."

    Digging on the median A whole crew cleaning up! Students weeding

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