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From time to time, UT homeowners require copies of UT legal and governing documents.

Articles of Financial Incorporation

The Articles of Financial Incorporation are included here because some homeowners have found them useful when refinancing.

Balcony guidelines and inspection report

In 2006, the UT Board issued the following guidelines for maintaining balconies. This report includes guidelines on patio maintenance in addition to the patio guidelines linked to below.

In 2015, the City required that all balconies be inspected. The UT report, delivered in January 2016, describes the findings and makes specific recommendations (with illustrative photos) for specific areas.


The By-Laws have also been useful for homeowners who are refinancing.

CC&Rs (Codes, Covenants, and Restrictions), Guidelines, and Policies

The CC&Rs -- this is the large set of documents that we each received when we first bought our units.

The Davis-Stirling Act

The Davis-Stirling Act (full name the Davis-Stirling Common Interest Development Act) governs common interest developments such as condos in California.

Handbook of Policies and Guidelines

This document is currently under review by a committee of the Board. (November 2013)


This document is our Homeowners' Association insurance policy, effective through October 13, 2019.)

Land Lease

The Land Lease captures our agreement to lease the land that UT is built on from the University. (See page 2, #5, Term.) The University owns the land. We own the "improvements" only, although your annual tax bill lists your tax assessment as based on both the land and the improvements. The Alameda County Tax Assessor reported circa 1997 that UT was the only such property in the County and that they would not reprogram the system to reflect a single case, hence the inaccurate breakout.

Projects involving the entire complex

Reserve studies

The Settlement (related to action against the University et al about the original construction of UT)

Welcome letter for new homeowners -- note these are both currently under review (July 17, 2015)

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