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The UT Board

The UT Board normally consists of seven members elected each April at our annual meeting for a one-year term. Anyone can nominate anyone for membership on the Board. Voting is seven votes per UT unit, with signed proxies for those unable to be present allowed. Willis Management Group, Inc., our property management company, manages our election by sending out calls for candidates and final ballots, and then, the night of the annual meeting in April, tallies the counts.

Any homeowner is able to serve on the Board. If you are interested please, read this full description of the responsibilities of the Board members and the Property/Financial Management Company.

The 2019-2020 Board:

  • Eric Gillet, President
  • Ben Tucker, Vice President
  • Susan Storch, Treasurer
  • Betsy Rate, Secretary
  • Lewis Ames, Member-at-large
  • Patrice Brault, Member-at-large
  • Alexandra Saum-Pascal, Member-at-large

Homeowners' Association (HOA) Meetings

The schedule of regular Board meetings. The Board meets regularly four times a year (January, April, August, and October), usually on the third Wednesday of the month in the Commons Room. These regular meetings are announced at least four days before on the UT listserv and by a notice posted on the door of the Commons Room.

Homeowners' Forums. Each Board meeting is preceded by a Homeowners' Forum from 6:00 to 6:15pm at which individual homeowners may bring up problems or ask questions of the Board.

The Board meeting. Homeowners may stay to listen to but not participate in the proceedings of the meeting unless sensitive legal matters requiring legal confidentiality are broached.

Agenda. In January 2008, UT was notified that a new condo Board meeting agenda law had been passed for California, effective January 1, 2008:

The new law required that agendas must be posted in a common area four days before a Board meeting and nothing can be discussed unless it is on the agenda. The law applies to "non-emergency" meetings only. So, if the Board is meeting in an emergency meeting, the agenda requirements do not apply. 

The statute says that "management, the staff or the board of directors" may "briefly" respond to statements made or questions posed by a person speaking at the meeting, or ask a question for clarification, make a "brief" announcement, or make a "brief" report on the activities of a board member, management or staff, whether in response to questions posed by a member of the association or based upon his or her own initiative.  If subjects come up that are not on the agenda, boards are supposed to avoid full discussions of the items and defer business until the owners can get fair notice of it.

If you have an issue that you would like to discuss at a Board meeting, it must be brought to the attention of Dina Varellas, our representative at Willis Management Group, Inc., at least seven-10 days prior to the Board meeting date so it can be added to the agenda. If it is not on the agenda, it cannot be discussed. Rather than contacting Board members individually to discuss an issue or file a complaint, please contact Dina.  Board members are volunteers and should only deal with association issues through management or at a Board meeting. Please do not approach Board members with your issues.

Meeting notes. All owners who would like a copy of past or current regular Board meeting notes can contact our account manager, Dina Varellas, with Willis Management Group, and she will be able to provide you with a copy via email or snail mail.

UT documents. Copies of other UT documents, including the CC&Rs, can be found on the UT Documents page.

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