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Over the years, a number of community activities and traditions have emerged that all are welcome to participate in. For some, notices are sent out on the UT listserv. For others, they are so established that no notice is needed. UT residents, friends, and neighbors from the areas around UT all participate. Here they are.

Note: Click on the small photos for a larger view.

Children's birthday parties on the Green

Many UT children have celebrated their birthdays with a Bounce House on the Green, treasure hunts, a workout at the Tot Lot or on the ping pong table. Informally, for almost all children's celebrations, a general invitation to all UT children to join in is sent out on the UT listserv.
Upside down Pingpong Bounce House setup Girls running
Blowing out candles Pole hugger Bubbles
Girls listening Inside the Bounce House Slide

Easter Egg Hunt

A few weeks before Easter
An invitation is sent out by the UT Easter Bunny on the UT listserv about participating -- either bring to the Easter Bunny enough stuffed plastic eggs, usually 12-15 eggs, for the each of the children who are in your group, or plan to help hide your eggs on Easter. Donations of small toys, such as bubbles, little cars and trucks, and chalk, are also welcome for the after-the-hunt gifts.
Orange egg Bag o' eggs! Gifts Purple egg
Easter morning
10am -- Egg hiders start hiding eggs all around the Green.
Hiding on a pole Hiding eggs! Hiding in the grass Hiding near the sign
10:45am -- Kids gather in the Tot Lot.

Kids with baskets and crowd-control adults gather in the Tot Lot and divide into three groups: aged 0-3, 3-5, and 6 and older (more or less).
Tot Lot gathering 2 Tot Lot gathering
11am -- The Trumpeteer toots.

From the Tot Lot, the Trumpeteer announces the Hunt with a long toot! The youngest kids (and their helpers) are called first, then the older kids, and finally, the oldest kids. The Trumpeteer announces each group's "go!" with another toot. There's a break between each group's toot since no one wants the little ones to get trampled.

11-11:30am -- The Hunt!

Eyes on the ground What do I do, Mom? Climbing What's inside?
I don't have any more room for eggs!

Now is this an egg?

Resting after the Hunt
Basket full of eggs
11:30am -- Kids gather by the picnic tables (in nice weather) or in the Commons Room (in not-so-nice weather) for the gifts and treats!
Watching the gift distribution intently Cookies Hot cross buns Basket of eggs
 Over the next few days 
Save the plastic eggs for next year!

Election Day returns

On a number of important, mostly national, Election Days, potlucks are usually organized so that UT residents and friends can watch the returns together on multiple TVs set up in the Commons Room. This is organized through the UT listserv.


A week or so before Halloween, a UT neighbor sends this friendly message:

Happy Halloween,

Once again it is Halloween time. For the benefit of our new neighbors, it has been our tradition here to signify our willingness to receive Trick or Treaters by having some sort of decoration on our front door, and our door light on (except in Building Nine, where we don't have individual door lights). To gain access to Building Nine, either I, Phyllis or Meryl & Barry agree to buzz Trick or Treaters into the building. We will send out a notice on the UT listserv to inform our Association Members which one of us will be doing it.

Princess with a pink rucksack An odd couple
Sheriff Scary skeleton
Princesses Builders Yummy

Many UT and neighboring parents accompany their younger children and enjoy the stroll and atmosphere of (usually unrealized) mischief.

Rummage sale

One participant writes: "We Terracites are an adventurous lot. We like journeys, both physical and intellectual; we also enjoy food, drink, music, books, gardens, and the other domestic comforts that make up a welcoming atmosphere when we come home from those journeys. So our mostly-annual UT Spring Rummage Sale might be called a signature event: Craig and Steven bring out cookware and their incomparable collection of salt and pepper shakers, and Phyllis parts with yet more treasures from her years of international travel, while classical CDs and LPs are John's specialty. We sell to non-Terracites, of course, and we sell stuff to each other, purchases that become reminders of our neighbors and their lives, past and present." Table for selling
Deciding what to buy!
Bags for sale Bike for sale Bags for sale Shoes for sale

Soirées - Fridays, 4:30-7pm

Every Friday, rain or shine, excepting major holidays such as Christmas and New Year's Day, the UT Soirée is held. The Soirée first grew out of the weekly delivery of boxes for subscribers to Full Belly Farm's seasonal produce. In the wintery months, the Soirée is in the Commons Room; in the warmer months, outside the Toolshed. Refreshments to share are welcome. This is a wonderful way to meet some of our surrounding neighbors. Full Belly @ UT

Work days at Presentation Mini-Park

Presentation Mini-Park, on the northeast corner of Allston Way and California Street, is owned and maintained by the City of Berkeley. There are two benches and a picnic table as well as a now flourishing garden.

A group of neighbors -- from UT and the neighborhoods around UT -- have a tradition of Work Days in the Park. They've cleared out weeds and brambles, hauled in soil and compost, worked with the City on installing an effective irrigation system, built rock enclosures for their seedbeds, and planted a beautiful Butterfly Garden for all to enjoy. This is a great way to meet the neighbors and for children to learn about gardening!

The Work Days (usually just a weekend morning) are announced through the UT listserv. If you're interested, contact Bev Crawford.

Ring of rocks - planting bed Heap of dirt Raking dirt Raking and weeding
Sunhats needed! Gloves are useful Clipping What's next?
Snacktime Brick walkway Artichoke Butterfly garden

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