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UT postcard view
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Turn off your TV · Leave your house · Know your neighbors · Look up when you are walking · Greet people · Sit on your stoop · Plant flowers · Use your library · Buy from local merchants · Share what you have · Help a lost dog · Take children to the park · Garden together · Support neighborhood schools · Fix it (even if you didn't break it) · Have potlucks · Honor elders · Pick up litter · Read stories aloud · Dance in the street · Talk to the mail carrier · Put up a swing · Help carry something heavy · Barter for your goods · Start a tradition · Ask a question · Organize a block party · Bake extra and share · Ask for help when you need it · Open your shades · Share your skills · Take back the night · Turn up the music · Turn down the music · Listen before you react to anger · Mediate a conflict · Seek to understand · Learn from new and uncomfortable angles · Know that no one is silent, though many are not heard · Work to change this ·

"Building a community"
from the Institute of Conflict Analysis and Resolution newsletter, George Mason University

Bonus! One of UT's early, but temporary residents was the columnist Molly Ivins while she was a visiting lecturer in the School of Journalism. UT has a mention in this 1997 article, "Berkeley is its own place, but I'm coming home."

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